Connelly Construction Electrical Division

Our highly skilled team of electricians are available at competitive hourly rates,

from design to installation our deicated team provide a professional services for all your residential and commercial projects, from service to maintenance.

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Energy consumption Audit

One of our energy consumption specialists will come to your site to collect data on the current lighting systems.  Using our extensive knowledge with the newest technologies available to make sure we meet or exceed your lighting requirements, our specialized series of questions for each individual situation will allow us to analyze your current building energy systems and will assess your electrical bills in order to determine energy requirements and potential savings.

Lighting Design Proposal

 Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofit, from compiling the data captured in the Energy Consumption Audit including lamp and ballast types, consumed energy, light levels, voltage, switching, wiring/tandem possibilities, number of fixtures and burn time to accurately compile all data points. We also include factors such as floor plan, ceiling height, required lumens, stationary objects, utility rates and potential rebates to put together the best Lighting Design Proposal for your facility.